The first International Deaf Magicians Festival took place in Leipzig, East Germany in 1986. Horst Bormann of Leipzig conceived of the idea of establishing this festival. He brought deaf magicians from different countries to gather together in a spirit of camaraderie and competition.

Every two years, the festivals were held at the following sites: 2nd festival in Leipzig, 1988; 3rd in Leipzig, 1990; 4th in Kiev, Ukraine, 1992; 5th in Leipzig, 1994; 6th in Rochester, New York USA, 1996; 7th in London, England, 1998; 8th in Nagpur, India, 2000; 9th in Moscow, Russia, 2002; 10th in Leipzig, Germany, 2004; 11th in St. Petersburg, Russia, 2006; 12th in Riverside, California, USA, 2008, 13th in Cattolica, Italy, 2010,14th in Helsinki, Finland.

And The 15th World Deaf Magicians Festival will take place in Chicago, U.S.A. on 26 October - 2 November 2014. Deaf magicians participate in a number of different competitions featuring stage illusions, comedy magic, micro-magic, and magic for children.

The Society’s mission is to bring all deaf magicians, young and old, amateur and part-time professionals, to participate in the international festivals for many valuable reasons; including the exchange of ideas, improvement in performance skills, solving technical problems, participating in competitions, attending magic lectures learn new tricks with interpreters provided, learning where to purchase magic props, and the promotion of their magic shows to other national deaf clubs and associations in different countries. There are at least 300 deaf magicians around the world. They have a goal of presenting their magic to deaf and hearing children and adults wherever they may live.

The new organization of the “Society of World Deaf Magicians” was formed in 1990. The president, vice-president and secretary-general are elected every two years and have several responsibilities:

The Society hopes to accomplish the following goals: